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The Kokyu Dojo is a traditional Japanese martial arts school that seeks to promote an authentic form of Aikido, and other related arts such as swordsmanship, calligraphy, meditation and Oriental healing arts.


Classes are held Monday to Fridays at 7 am, for the duration of 60 to 90 minutes. The weekday classes cover traditional Aikido techniques, which include a vast array of throws, strikes, joint locks,  breakfall techniques (ukemi), hand-feet-body movement (tai sabaki), breathing (kokyu), etiquette rules (reigi-saho), among other concepts pertaining to the art.

On Saturday mornings at 10 am, the Dojo holds its weapons class, covering Kenjutsu (samurai swordsmanship), Jojutsu (wooden staff) and Tantodori (short sword of knife). Weapons class runs for one hour.

The Dojo promotes exams once a year. Students are requested to demonstrate a fixed set of techniques which are practiced regularly during classes. There are special classes designed for examinations. Students are advised to take these exams in order to check their progress and to rise in their ranks.

Due to our affiliation to the Aikido Doshinokai Association in California, the Dojo intends to promote seminars with Haruo Matsuoka sensei on a yearly basis. This is a great opportunity to train with an authentic Aikido master.

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Still within the activities of the Dojo are classes in Shodo (Japanese calligraphy). Matsuoka sensei was a direct student of Seiseki Abe sensei, a 10th Dan Aikido and Shodo master and a direct student of the founder of Aikido. In fact, Abe sensei taught calligraphy to Morihei Ueshiba. The calligraphy classes are inspired in the teachings of Abe sensei. Please refer to other activities for further information on Shodo classes.


Kokyu translates to “breath”, and the school’s name resonates with one of the central goals of Aikido, as exposed by the founder of the art, which is to unify mind, breath and body motion into one single harmonious act, allowing practitioners to have a direct experience of our inner vital force, or ‘ki’, and to realize it as being our true innermost identity. Kokyu is also a core technique practiced in Aikido, be it as a method to develop mind-breath-body awareness and power (kokyu-dosa), or an actual self-defense throw (kokyunage).

For further information on class hours and fees, please refer to the dojo hours page.  The Dojo also offers counseling in traditional Oriental Medicine. For more information, please refer to the healing page. 







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